Privacy Policy

This document sets out the terms and conditions under which personal data of individuals is provided, created, processed and stored while using the website and communicating with the administration of the web-site:

The Web-site Visitor, as a recipient of services, agrees that by staying on the Web-site and completing certain actions with the purpose of obtaining services, he/she accepts provisions of this document and consents to the following operations with Web-site Visitor’s personal data: collection and processing of personal data by mixed treatment of such personal data (collecting, arrangement, accumulation, storage, adjustment (updating, use modification, distribution), transfer, anonymization, locking, destroying of personal data).

The Web-site Visitor consents to processing of the following personal data:

The Web-site Visitor acknowledges and gives consent that the personal data operator may transfer the Web-site Visitor's personal data to external service providers or other third parties, which the operator may engage for purposes of services rendering. The engaged third parties have no right and may not use the Web-site Visitor's personal data for any purposes other than service rendering.

Personal data of the Web-site Visitor, who is the services recipient, shall be stored electronically. Upon expiry or termination of the contract with a service recipient, the Web-site Visitor's personal data shall be locked. The Web-site Visitor's personal data shall be destroyed after such personal data is no longer necessary to be kept. The Web-site Visitor's personal data may be destroyed before such expiration upon such written request submitted by the Web-site Visitor.

The Web-site Visitor 's personal data shall be stored for period of time as stipulated by according legislation; personal data shall be destroyed: upon fulfilment of purposes for which such personal data may be processed; upon liquidation or re organisation of the owner of the Web-site; upon the the Web-site Visitor's written request to terminate processing of his/her personal data (whereupon the operator shall terminate processing of such personal data within three (3) business days and send to such personal data subject written notice thereof within ten (10) business days). The Web-site Visitor may, by written request, receive details of processing of his/her personal data.